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The Art of Reinvention

Canvas & Silk is all about reinvention and living a more artful life through beautiful and unique accessories.  Joanne Mullin, known for her handmade one-of-a-kind kimonos, has created these stunning accessories from photographs of her original creations.  Her kimonos feature beautiful combinations of repurposed, vintage and new fabrics, which are the subject matter for the accessories in four collections on this site. The Painted Ladies Collection is created from an original painting,

Here are the pieces that were photographed and printed onto all of the products on this site:


 Black Thistle Kimono


         Navy Dot Kimono 

           Kaleidoscope Kimono 

      Green Plaid Kimono 

                                       Painted Lady Canvas

 private collection 


The products in these collections were chosen for their practicality and usefulness, as well as the quality of the production.  Joanne is very selective about the materials and how each product looks and feels, and personally chooses from hundreds of products to create these carefully curated collections.  She does her own photography, editing and designing of the products you see here, which feature her artwork. These accessories are art in themselves.

Joanne's motto has always been, Using what we have to reinvent our lives, and that philosophy is behind everything she does.

"The idea of reinvention and renewal, starting with where we are now, seems especially relevant as we recover from a worldwide health crisis," she says. "We all are finding creative ways to adapt to our new reality as we celebrate our renewal by reinventing our lives. That's what my art is all about."


Joanne Mullin, Creator of Canvas & Silk Artisan Accessories

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